Smart Strategies to Study Biology

Biology is a simple subject to study if you have an understanding of the basic concepts involved in the study of the subject. When you learn the vocabulary involved and you can stay on top of the materials needed; you are sure going to achieve expected results. 

We shall break this analysis into two. Learning the material and studying the material. 

  • Positive attitude

Every subject comes with its peculiar challenges. If you came with the attitude of yes l can into the study of biology, it will be easy to overcome the challenges involved in the subject. When you take a keen interest in what you are learning; it will not be a burden to you. 

  • Break it down

There are complex words in biology and their roots can be traced to the Latin language. The words have suffixes and prefixes. Take your time to break down the words into simpler pieces that you will easily understand. Look for the words in other to get a perfect understanding of the terms.

  • Flashcards

Prepare flashcards or vocabulary words. They will contain difficult words that you do not understand and their meaning. You take them along wherever you go and they are going to serve as a solid memory tool. Make sure you study these words.

  • Diagrams

The exams or tests in biology will in some instances ask students to explain employing diagrams. Some questions might be too difficult to answer in words except with the use of diagrams. Learn how to draw and label the heart for instance. It is a likely question in the exam. 

  • Read your textbooks

Make sure you read to read textbooks ahead of the class. Note the keywords as well as the complex words that you come across. Take action by knowing the meaning of the strange words as well as the Latin words. It will ensure a proper understanding of the text that you read.

  • General to specific concepts

Make sure you understand the general concepts before moving to the specific concepts that you come across in the textbook.

  • Past questions

If you take your time to participate actively in the classroom teachings and you do all that you can to be active in the laboratory; you need to take the bold step. Try and test the knowledge of what you have learned in the classroom as well as in the lab by practicing some questions before the exams or tests.

The best test of knowledge is practice. When you test your knowledge, you will be able to evaluate your practical understanding of the subject. Test yourself by practicing past questions on biology. For questions on your own and rate your understanding with the results that you achieved. This will let you know your fate even before the exams.

  • Review

Make sure you go over the lecture within 24 hrs of leaving the class. It will make it pretty easy to recall what you have been taught earlier in the class and will help in letting you know your understanding of the subject.

  • Study plan

It is important to set aside a particular time for the study of biology as a subject. It should be the time that you are at your peak performance. Make sure you do away with all forms of interference. The place should be quiet somewhere and a place that you love to read with maximum concentrations.

  • Mnemonics

When you go out of your way to create mnemonics in the drive to get a perfect understanding of this subject; it will yield expected results. The right phrase carefully created will help you to recollect some facts that you have been thought in the class.

  • Old quizzes

Some of the questions and quizzes are a repetition with slight modifications. When you study these items, you are going to have a boost ahead of the exams. You can make up your quizzes in your determined resolve to obtain the highest grades available. 


The strategies above represent all that is required to have a smooth sail in the study and understanding of biology. The strategies will sure work for you if you take to it.